May 10, 2011

What is an Ideology of Pakistan in the light of Allama Iqbal’s perception?


In 1930,Allama Iqbal presented his mature political opinion on the political fate of Indian Muslims in his presidential address at Allahabad at the annual session of Muslim League.

He said,

“I am fully convinced that the Muslims of India will ultimately have to establish a separate homeland as they could not live with the Hindus in the United States.”

He also said that,

“India is a continent of human beings belonging to different races, speaking different languages and professing different religions ….,I, therefore demand the formation of a consolidated Muslim state in the best interest of India and Islam.”

In  the light of Quaid-e-Azam’s ‘perception:

6a00fa969c82b10003011017b2107d860e-500pi1 ” The Muslims are a nation by every right to establish their separate homeland. They can adopt any means to promote and protect their economic social, political and cultural interests.”

In 1946,Quaid-e-Azam declared:

“We do not demand Pakistan simply to have a piece of land but we want a Laboratory where we could experiment on Islamic principles.”

Quaid-e-Azam emphasized on the Islamic ideology as being the basis of the struggle for Pakistan because he believed that only Islam was the unifying force of the Muslim Millat. He said:

“What relationships knits the Muslims into one hole ,which is the formidable rock on which the Muslim edifice has been erected, which is the sheet anchor providing base to the Muslim Millat,the relationship, the sheet anchor and the rock is Holy Quran.”


Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah – The greatest Leader and Founder of Pakistan


Do you really believe that Ideology of Pakistan which were described by leaders are still following in today’s time by the nation?What are your thoughts regarding Ideology of Pakistan.

If Yes or No, Please specify the both.

221 Responses to “IDEOLOGY OF PAKISTAN”

  1. Anonymous said:

    NOW a days I think that our nation has been destroy because all the people are following the rules and regulation according quran and sunnahand theybare fighting with each other and in are nation there is no unity and peace.
    I hope you like my comment and something about ideology of Pakistan

  2. Mehak said:

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    Dear Sir,
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    Sir Hadi

  3. Aarish Aslam said:

    The ideology of Pakistan states that every decision of the nation should proceed only when the Islamic principles are satisfied but today we are not giving value to Islamic principles we are only dealing with money.

  4. Anonymous said:

    . The ideology of pakistan which was describe by leaders are not following today because we are not following the Islamic principles and adopting western style……….no rules and regulation are follow according to Quran and Sunnah.thankyou Fatima amin 9th D

  5. NAZISH said:

    in my opinion ideology means a system of ideas and Pakistan ideology based on Quran and sunnah……..
    we are not following the rules and regulations of our country. and all three pillars of government are not working actively . we are also not living with pluralism, we should live with unity so we make a good country better than today:)
    regards : Nazish noorani
    class : 10_a

  6. muhammadzubair said:

    dear sir !
    i think that nowadays we Pakitanis are just thinking about the profit of ourself only and we are also not seeing that many peoples are getting loss between and the unity and faith is just lost from us because the guidance of quran and sunnah is forgotten from our lifes and living standards

  7. sadaf aybani said:

    in my opinion ideology play an important role in developing future of our country.

    1.we dont follow rules of our country.we do not respect our country.we dont follow culture and we are adopting foriegn culture.
    2.i think we should take help of quran and sunnah to solve problems of our country.

  8. Aiysha Aslam said:

    dear sir,
    Ideology of Pakistan is based on Islamic ideas,rules and regulation.Our beloved country Pakistan came into being by the name of Islam.Our Earlier faithful leaders believed that in this new state we lived Our life according to the rules of Islam.But now Pakistan was totally changed.It is an Islamic country but no one follow the rules and regulation.There is no Unity,Brother hood and tolerance among us which was the beauty of Islam.We are very far from our religion.If we should live with unity so we make our country better than today:-)
    I hope you like my comments about Ideology of Pakistan…
    Aiysha Aslam,

  9. cardaddy said:

    Thank you for providing really informative reviews on your site. How can I add it to bookmarks?

  10. Salman said:

    Dear Sir,
    The ideology of Pakistan was described by the leaders and nowadays nobody is following the rules and regulations according to Sunnah and Quran.


  11. daniyal said:

    hello guys,
    dear sir,
    none of the peoples are doing the ideology of pakistan but it is the greatest efforts of our leaders,…. i love it!but most of the do not have the value of that and if we are living in the same state so it means that…wegot this after many sacrifices and we have to live lots of love and effection …respects of each other….love our religion!!!andrespect for other religion.
    and we do this…
    regards Daniyal,

  12. ASAD said:

    dearsir,our ideeology based on islamic ideals or rules and our are not follow the rules and regulation.forexample;reven davis came in our country and kill the people so our country government not give punishement they leave this thing is called un justice and our islam not said un justice rule

  13. ASAD said:

    dearsir,our ideeology based on islamic ideals or rules and our countryare not follow the rules and regulation.forexample;reven davis came in our country and kill the people so our country government not give punishement they leave this thing is called un justice and our islam not said that you will doun just rule.

  14. muhammadaliiqbal said:

    The pakistan ideology is based on islamic priciple and now a days no one follow rules and regulagion with quran and sunnah

  15. noorali said:

    the ideology is totally based on islamic principle pakistan will deveple on t hat time when we follow the islamic rules and regulation

  16. talha zain said:

    I think our nation has been destroy because they not follow the rules and regulation E.g;-ramin davis came in our country and kill 2people and our government not punished him and they live them and this is un-justice our islam not give permision to give un-just rule

  17. rida said:

    in my opinion know a days no one is fowlling the idology of that time every one have there own idology.

  18. Anonymous said:


  19. Abdul Mueed said:

    It will help alot in our studies sir

    thhankxxx sir

  20. Anonymous said:

    about Pakistan’s ideology i think that this has been totally destroyed… we are not following the rules of islam on which Pakistan is totally based. we are only said to be independent, but actually from our mind and heart we are slaves of hindus and britishers till now…. I am sorry to say we are not a true Pakistani or not a true followers of golden principles of islam….
    Maryam Fareed

  21. Owais Ali said:

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