July 14, 2011


By 1845, the British Empire had expanded from Bengal to Sindh, and all that remained free was Punjab.

•The Sikhs were ruling over Punjab and after the Second Sikh War in 1848, the British gained control over the Indus.

•The War of Independence broke out in January and March 1857. •The British army had recruited local Indians in their forces.

•These soldiers were issued cartridges greased with fat from tabooed animals.

  •The soldiers refused to use these cartridges.

•In 1857, starting with an uprising in Meerut, soldiers in the British Army in Bengal launched a full-scale mutiny against the British.

•This mutiny spread swiftly across the Sub-continent. Initially, the Indian soldiers were able to push back the British forces.

•The British army was driven out of Delhi and the Indian soldiers took control of the city.

  •Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal King, was compelled to lead the freedom fighters. In Bahadur Shah Zafar, the rebels found a symbol of freedom, but a mere symbol was all he was. Wanting to spend his days writing poetry, the man was in no way even a remnant of the glory of his forefathers.

 •The initial success of the freedom fighters gave a boost to the War of Independence. •The royal forces were finally defeated.

  •The British quickly regained control of Delhi.

 •They took revenge in the most gruesome manner by killing innocent people indiscriminately. •Bahadur Shah was imprisoned in Rangoon, Myanmar, where he breathed his last. 

  After the War of Independence in 1857

  •The British control over the Sub-continent grew in the next 50 years and culminated in the British Raj. •Queen Victoria’s Indian realm continued to expand, until Hunza, the remote kingdom bordering China, fell into British hands in 1891, bringing the expansion to its zenith.

•The British thus became masters of India, where for nearly 800 years Muslims had ruled

  •According to Hunter, a prominent historian, “The Muslims of India are, and have been for many years, a source of chronic danger to the British power in India”.

 •The British attributed the war of 1857 to the Muslims alone. As a result, property belonging to Muslims was confiscated and they were denied employment opportunities everywhere in the army, revenue department, and judiciary.

•The British administrators deliberately followed a discriminatory policy against the Muslims

  •The British administrators deliberately followed a discriminatory policy against the Muslims.

•Even in filling minor jobs. Advertisements inviting applications for government jobs specifically mentioned that Muslims would not be appointed.

•Hunter admits that the exclusion of the Muslims was so complete that in the government offices of Calcutta they could not accept a post higher than that of a porter, messenger, filler of inkpots and mender of pens

  •By a series of revenue and financial measures, the British smashed the political and social position of the Muslims. •In the province of Bombay, the government appointed “Inam Commission” to inquire into the land grants of the Muslim times.

The Commission took away 20,000 estates from the Muslims and thus ruined many families and institutions of the community.

 •The Company’s commercial policy eliminated the Muslims from internal and foreign trade.

  •The newly introduced English system of education had many drawbacks for the Muslims, mainly because it made no provisions for religious education. As a result, they stayed away from it.

•The Muslims lost all avenues of employment, were dispossessed of their estates and deprived of the benefits of education. •A highly cultured community turned into a backward and poor people.

•In their place British-educated Hindus began to occupy positions in governments offices formerly held by the Muslims In their place British-educated Hindus began to occupy positions in governments offices formerly held by the Muslims 


In your opinion what are the indicators which God for bid cause internal or external war in Pakistan? and also state the suggestion to avoid war in any case. 

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  1. areeba akber said:

    i think these are the following indicators which can cause wars:
    6.lack of patriotism

    there is only one suggestion which is to make people patriotic towards the country. If peolpe feel blessed to be a part of his/her country then their will be no war in the country.
    happy independence day to all of u…lolg live Pakistan!!
    areeba akber 9-c

  2. areeba akber said:

    must watch and think about it.

  3. nayyab said:

    happy independence to every member of the celebration.On Independence Day.
    Here I am wishing,
    Our dreams of a new tomorrow come true,
    For us…Now And Always!Lets take decision,
    To value our nation,

    Shall not forget those sacrifices
    Who gave us the freedom..

    Now its our turn
    To have a reformation..
    Happy Independence Day
    nayyab saleem

  4. nayyab said:

    i watched the following videohttp://youtu.be/FSDAN0Z2n68
    told by one of our companion
    it was great experience to watch it and it helped me to recognize the hidden talent and potential of our nation.
    nayyab saleem 9-d

  5. remsha rAFIQ said:


  6. Mahnoor Hammad said:

    dear sir,
    there are alot of indicators which shows us that war is going to happen such as conflicts among different communities,no awareness in short illiteracy,no unity among people, all the institutes and government offices are corrupt, no laws and principles are being followed these all are indicators for a nation that war is going to be held. now let us talk about the solutions.
    the best suggesstion i can give is that education should be provided to ever member of nation.education is a factor which changes the way of living it gives us awareness so litteracy rate should increase other wise we will never proceed towards success.
    Mahnoor Hammad

    Dear Mahnoor Hammad!

    Allah bless you in every aspect of life.Love see your comments thanks to share your thoughts.Keep the same pace of learning.

    Sir hadi

  7. remsha rAFIQ said:

    guyzzz its me remsha rafiq from class 9c i am elested for level representative of class 9th .. so i want your point of view that which problem is faced by u people if i can do something i ll literally do itt.. reply as soon as possible
    to alll offf uuuu
    remsha rafiq

  8. remsha rAFIQ said:

    Your Kebabs are Behari. Your Naan is Afghani. Your Biryani is Sindhi. Your guard is Pashtun. Your industry is Punjabi. Your Port is Balochi. Your Music is Multani-Sufi. Your BABA-E-QOUM is Kathiawari-Gujarati and YET you discriminate yourself on the basis of RACE? Say NO to RACISM to bring us closer. Be a PAKISTANI to save PAKISTAN

  9. Anonymous said:

    dear sir,
    i think we should not blame our government for any issue because the country is not just power set of government but also of citizins so we should first think of our mistakes and then blame government
    we are the one who are choosing them to be the leaders and then we are blaming them

  10. rehan said:

    Dear sir:
    There are more curruption,unjustice with muslims.unemployment,illetracy,there no rights given to muslims there burn there agriculture sector.There swing in pig skin.So this problem will come and muslims were not face there problems

  11. saira samnani said:

    dear, areeba. I have also watch the following website which was amazing for learning i hope every one interreacting on blog also watch it. thank you! from, saira samnani. class:9c

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